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Welcome to ImageCarve!

Note: We have stopped selling ImageCarve temporarily and the software is currently not available for download.
This website will stay here for reference until the new version is released. If you have any questions, please email us at support@imagecarve.com
Thank You!

ImageCarve software converts images into G-code format that can be ran on most CNC Routers or Mills. 

The carvings are unique and will last a lifetime. Photos of your kids, grandparents, pets, even cars make good carvings. Anything you can dream up can be converted into code to make carvings as large as your machine can handle or as small as a paperweight.
Just use your imagination and let ImageCarve do the work. There is no need for you to know how to use any complicated vectoring or conversion to *.dxf . Just import the image you want, select the size and resolution and let our software make the code. It's easy and fun, not to mention, Profitable!  

   By now almost every CNC Router owner has seen software do fancy photo carvings in wood. Most of these softwares are very expensive and require extensive training to do this kind of programming. ImageCarve is a product that lets anyone create image carvings easily. The results are the same as the high priced softwares g-code, and can be as detailed as you want.
   The idea is simple, just take an image into a photo editor and "clean up" the background and make the image look like you want it. When you get it like you want it, convert it into a .pgm file. This is a file type that is a layered grayscale. ImageCarve uses the different layers or shades to produce the depth of cut or Z axis depth, as well as scaling the X and Y coordinates to the desired carving size. This still sounds complicated but, all you do is import the .pgm file, select the maximum depth of cut, select the finished carving size, select the resolution or step-over amount, then click convert! It is that easy.
Processing speed, of course, is influenced by many factors but the average time we have seen on a 10"x12" is about 2 minutes. This file size is around 2.5 meg of "text" G-Code.   
   Once the carving is done just apply stain, then sand lightly the entire carving.
The white or lightest shades will seem to rise out of the wood and the darkest will remain the color of the stain. You will be impressed! Everyone is.
   What you do with ImageCarve is limited only by your imagination. Tecnique and style will develop as you try new cutters, resolution, stain, wood etc.     

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This is a carving done by David Peasley the author of ImageCarve. To see more of Davids work or to order a custom carving click the link below.


Jennifer carved

...and the original photograph he converted:

Jennifer photo


Here is my new favorite carving. One of our good customers sent this pic. for our gallery but we thought it needed to be on the front page!


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